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Do you ever wonder how cake became synonymous with celebrations such as birthdays and weddings?  One of the first birthday cakes was actually made in Germany in the middle ages.  They would celebrate their child’s birthday with cake, and called the party’s Kinderfest’s.  At first, the cakes were not very sweet and had a bread like texture, but later became sweeter and were called Geburtstagorton.  During the 17th century, cakes were made more elaborate with icing, multiple layers, and edible flowers.  These types of cakes were only affordable by the upper class due to the higher priced ingredients and the time it took to make them.  In the 18th century, kitchen gadgets became more accessible and affordable, and thus the price of cakes went down, and the number of cakes produced went up significantly.

To this day, cakes are still in high demand and customers have even higher standards for the designs they want. The baker not only has to know how to just bake a cake, but they also have to be an artist as well.  Roxane Gibbons is one such local cake artist that just opened for business here in Vero Beach.  She has been baking cakes for her friends and family for several years now, and just recently opened her home-based bakery in April 2016. I had an opportunity to sit down with her recently and taste some of her work.

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